Daal Paratha

Daal Paratha


Always don’t like to eat same leftover food again..? how about changing its form..? 🙂 Today I would like to share with you one another delicious yummy recipe. Daal is one of the best forms of protein that vegetarians get. Daal is one of the staple diet which is cooked in every Indian home… which most of the time is left..why not use is again..make it another yummy dish.

I would like to share, Daal Paratha.. suggested by one of our family friend which are made in his home mostly. Thank you for sharing yummy recipe.


2 cup – left over cooked dal

2-3 cup – whole wheat flour

½ cup – chopped onion

2 tsp – finely chopped green chili

1tbsp – Ginger –Garlic paste

½ tsp – Turmeric

1tbsp – Red chili powder

½ tsp – dhaniya jeera powder

2-3 tbsp – Oil


1. Mix oil, salt, red chili powder, dhaniya jeera powder, garam masala and mix well.

2. Add chopped onion, Green chili, ginger –garlic paste and mix well.

3. Knead the dough with the left over dal. if required you can use water to knead the dough.

4. Roll the paratha

5. And cook them with some oil on tava.

6. Serve the dal paratha hot..with pickle, curd or anything you like. 🙂

Happy and Healthy cooking…!!! 🙂