Ice cream in Chocolate Chip Bowl

Hello Friends,

I have been away for a longgg time. I have a good reason for that, I am enjoying Motherhood… 🙂 I would say best thing in the world to be a MOM. 🙂 .. Since its after a long time lets start with something sweet..”Kuch meetha ho jaye” Today I have tried to serve the ice-cream in a different way. You can eat the icecream cup too :)..!!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – Ready available in stores.

½ cup – Flour / Maida.


Prepare the cookie mix as per the instruction on the box.  Add just half cup maida to it. And mix it well.

Now take a cookie tin and invert it. Spray some cooking oil on the back on the container.

Take a small round cookie dough and flatten it on the cookie container.


Bake as per the cooking instruction on the cookie mix.

Let it cool..

Take out the cookie bowl gently

Voila… !! your cookie cups are ready.

Now just warm a little bit before serving your favorite ice-cream with different toppings on it.